Model: FX CNC-400GS
Brand: Feng Xin
Country of Origin ︰ China

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product description:
1, the choice of all-natural granite bed, sheet metal base, sheet metal housing, with the FX CNC-400GA, with a smaller vibration, higher stability, higher accuracy, longer life and other advantages of this device Both high light and can be carved milling, and equipped with cutting fluid circulation device, according to the need to spray emulsion and oil.
2, the use of high-precision level in Germany / Japan imported brand linear guide and ball screw
3, the spindle motor with the current industry, fast, stable performance, high light, high efficiency production of the Korean RPS spindle or domestic famous brands of precision spindle.
4, air source filter system: Japan SMC oil and water, oil mist, micro-fog filter
5, lubrication system: regular automatic oil supply system, long-term maintenance-free, grease lubrication anti-drip.
6, the spindle cooling system: constant temperature chiller
7, multi-functional water tanks: cooling equipment, cutting tools and processed parts, and play a role in lubrication
8, according to customer needs to expand the machine features:
(1) on-line measurement system
(2) magazine
9, the use of all-sealed protective structure. Effectively prevent dust and other debris can not enter the precision transmission parts.

Mainly applicable to:
High-precision engraving, high-precision engraving, high-precision engraving and other industries, but also for stainless steel and other industries, such as watches, jewelry, copper workers and other industries small parts, Processing industry.