Model: FX CNC-650G
Brand: Feng Xin
Country of Origin ︰ China

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product description:
All-natural granite marble bed, cast iron base material, so that the machine has excellent mechanical properties. So that vibration is smaller, better stability, more convenient operation and so on. Using high-precision imported from Germany brand linear guide and ball screw
Using imported and domestic well-known brands of precision high-power spindle, with "high-speed, high-precision, stability," the characteristics. Increase the amount of knife to eat, increase cutting speed, improve productivity.
Processing the surface close to the mirror effect
Air source filtration system: Japan SMC oil and water, oil mist, micro-fog filter
Lubrication system: four-axis automatic grease lubrication, long-term maintenance-free, grease lubrication anti-drip
Multi-function water tank: cooling equipment, cutting tools and processed parts, and play a role in lubrication
High-strength cast iron moving parts, the surface hardened, durable and difficult to deformation
Spindle cooling system: constant temperature chiller
According to customer needs matching machine features:
1, the knife library
2, in-machine measurement system
3, four-axis

Applies to:
High-precision engraving and processing of high-speed and high-precision products such as mobile phone keypad, mobile phone mirror, aluminum case, high-light button, and also small parts for watches, jewelry and copper workers.
But also to achieve the titanium, stainless steel, zinc alloy materials such as high-speed high-light processing.