Model: FX CNC-400B
Brand: Feng Xin
Country of Origin ︰ China

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product description:
1, the choice of natural granite marble base, the machine center of gravity more stable, with a small vibration, good stability, long life and other advantages.
2, the use of high-precision level in Germany / Japan imported brand linear guide and ball screw
3, the use of imported and domestic well-known brands of precision electric spindle, with "high-speed, high precision and stability" features.
4, air source filtration system; Japan SMC oil and water filter
5, lubrication system: regular automatic oil supply system, long-term maintenance-free, grease lubrication anti-drip.
6, professional, innovative machine tool water-proof equipment agencies
7, the spindle cooling system: constant temperature chiller

Applies to:
Touch screen, optical glass lens cutting, PV button, cell phone lens, glass lens, panel and other high-light products mass production processing, double-headed glass machine to meet the multi-processing at the same time, improve production efficiency.