2017 National Day, Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice
To all my colleagues:
According to the office of the general office of the state council, the spirit of the holiday notice, combined with the actual situation of the company, has been studied and decided
The National Day holiday of 2017 is as follows:
October 1, 2017 solstice October 5 holiday, a total of 5 days. And the Mid-Autumn festival.
October 1 solstice4 is a statutory holiday
October 1st is Sunday: public holidays, until October 5th
Friday, October 6 (Friday).
1. All departments must make sure to check their safety before the holidays. They should turn off the power supply, lock the doors and Windows and ensure safety.
2. During the holidays, the heads of all departments should keep the phone unimpeded. The after-sales service department should arrange the staff or personnel to stay on duty according to the customer's holiday.
3. Before the holiday, ask your colleagues to carefully check the safety hazards, and the dormitory should pay attention to fire prevention, anti-theft, etc.
During the holiday, please pay attention to the safety of the holidays, and finally wish you peace and safety during the National Day holiday.
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