High speed CNC machine tool is increasingly and streamlined

The high speed machine tool

As the automotive, aerospace and other industrial light alloy material is widely used, high speed machining has become an important development trend of manufacturing technology. High speed machining has shorten processing time, improve the machining precision and surface quality, etc, is increasingly widely used in the field of mould manufacturing, etc. High speed machine tool needs a new numerical control system, high speed motorized spindle and high speed servo feed drive, and the optimization of machine tool structure and lightweight. High speed machining is not only the device itself, but the machine tool, cutting tool, the handle, clamp and nc programming technology, and the integration of personnel quality. Is the ultimate goal of high efficiency, the machine is only one of the keys to implement efficient, is by no means all, production efficiency and benefit on the "point".

The machine tool motors

According to the machining accuracy, can be divided into ordinary machine tools, machine tool precision and ultra precision machine tools, machine tool precision double about every eight years. Say goodbye to the positioning precision of nc machine tool micron era into the sub-micron era, is march to nanoscale ultra-precision CNC machine tool. In the next 10 years, motors and high speed, intelligence and miniaturization merge and become a new generation of machine tools. Machine tool motors is not only a car, and the urgent need of electronics, medical equipment and other industrial is directly related to the aerospace, missiles, satellites, new weapons and other defense industry modernization.