How to choose the suitable CNC machine tool manufacturer and equipment

A, select the type of CNC numerical control lathe, numerical control machine tool.

First to determine processing for the enterprise technical requirements of the product and process specification, according to the needs of the technological process and production line beat CNC numerical control lathe type. There are many kinds of CNC lathe type, only selected the correct type can get CNC machine play the best effect, achieve the best performance/cost ratio.

Second, the scale of the production enterprises, the size and the power of technology.

CNC numerical control lathe equipment production enterprise scale and technical strength is related to the event in the machine tool equipment performance whether can work normally. Choose the device manufacturer not ignored there is a lot of birth defects and unreasonable place, should pay attention to the key question of domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers set up soon, collapse also fast at the same time, can appear sometimes factories have closed and equipment still has the phenomenon of the promoters in sales. If you don't pay attention to these problems, can appear when acceptance of nc machine tools in the machine and warranty can not get the factory to provide maintenance services. At the same time, the factory must be a source of all sorts of equipment and maintenance information is not complete, the user's own repairs will be very difficult. So select production enterprises choose high-profile manufacturers as much as possible.

Third, choose the famous brand and has a certain famous brand of equipment.

In many domestic production CNC numerical control machine tool manufacturers, have many CNC numerical control lathe production enterprises with a certain strength has its own famous products. Just select famous brand is not enough, because each brand has a different type of equipment, many are just one type or a superior equipment, so had better choose to have a certain visibility when buy the equipment of the brand.

4, choose CNC numerical control lathe used by the system.

So-called selection system, generally choose more famous brand system, but this is not the key, the key is to choose the production CNC equipment factory of the system itself development and the ability to use. Users in the negotiation, put forward the requirement to the system function fully, so equipment can give full play to the role, at the same time, also can be in all spend a penny on the basis of the multi-function CNC numerical control lathe.

Five, the equipment of various raw materials and the necessary maintenance materials.

Before did not reach a final agreement, the supplier must be provide nc machine tools of various raw materials and maintenance materials, through the understanding of the learning of these data, can to the factory production ability and design ability have a certain understanding, if neglect this aspect of the work, can make the equipment into production after many unnecessary trouble. Before the choose and buy equipment, so we must all materials have a clear understanding of equipment.

That is choosing the numerical control machine tool manufacturer and the method of numerical control lathe equipment, hope to help everyone.