The precise numerical control lathe security considerations
Precision CNC lathe has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high automation, is widely used in precision parts processing production. The dongguan CNC lathe and everyone take a look at precision CNC lathe safety operation of the note.
Precision CNC lathe equipment
1, when installing precision CNC lathe chuck will lock screw tightening up on the main shaft, so as to avoid slippage caused accident while driving.
2 the abnormal phenomenon, precision CNC lathes, should stop immediately ruled out, or notify the maintenance workers overhaul.
3, shall not be placed in machine tool sliding parts wrench, etc, are not allowed to be on the machine tool's top or lathe bed table chipping hammer blow job.
4, check the numerical control lathe tool post rotation is normal, positioning is accurate, rapid mechanism is flexible and reliable.
5, clean up on nc lathe to interfere with work stuff, check whether the protective device, tool post normally, firm, the handle is flexible, accurate positioning and the power supply and grounding device are in good condition, and rear can start refueling, as stipulated in the lubrication chart check whether the amount of oil, oil is normal, whether the oil flow.
6 the examination to obtain operation certificate, operating personnel, must operate, the operator should be familiar with the performance, structure, etc., and to comply with safety and succession system.
7, shall not be any touch machine operation, the site or use the hand brake rotating parts of the machine.
8, the operators don't close to the numerical control lathe, especially in the lathe work, irrelevant personnel should leave the job site.
Above precision CNC lathe is the safe operation of items, in order to improve the work efficiency, and ensure safety of yourself and others, please consciously abide by.