Near the Spring Festival, whether the maintenance of your machine?

Repair and maintenance of machine tool can make machining precision to maintain the best condition, prolong the machine use fixed number of year, help you improving the capacity of CNC machine tool maintenance and maintenance. Workers rest breaks during the Spring Festival also let the machine maintenance and maintenance.

"Feng xin CNC" send you a year-end machine maintenance plan Hope can bring you help! (13412580018) feng xin CNC sales services phone off before machine maintenance is necessary,

Send you a set of solutions ":

First,machine tools, both inside and outside health clean,1. Clean the machine tool, and machine clean inside and outside the chip and stolen goods out of the machine tool. 2. Open three axis dust cover, if there is a chip pile up, please thoroughly clean. Clean and triaxial tubing connector, triaxial limit switches, and testing. Check the attention in the process of cleaning shall not use the air gun. 3. The coolant tank cleaning, tank precipitation of debris to clean clean, prevent the cooling pump jam. 4. Clean electric heat exchanger, air conditioning, the filter on the oil cooler. If the oil plugging tuyere will affect their normal work. 5. Clean the spindle fan. With clean dishcloth after closing machine will fan inside the oil is wiped clean. 6. Clean air filter sanlian pieces, check whether the filtering function is normal, the presence of air leakage phenomenon, the pressure setting is correct (0.6 MAP inlet pressure setting, the main shaft gas sealing pressure.)

Second, check the guide rail, screw oil supply is normal Open three axis dust cover, check the shaft guide surface, wire rod, such as whether the oil film, if the track surface or screw appear black phenomenon, please check again with a clean cloth rub-up oil plugging, oil should be resumed as soon as possible. Pull down branch tubing joints when necessary, check whether the oil.

Three, spindle and maintenance 1, with a clean cloth to wipe the spindle taper hole and the handle/clip/nut, remove rust, long vacation without spraying rust-proof oil bag, please. 2, check the function of 60000 turn above high speed spindle gas seal/high speed motorized spindle 12000 turn above is normal, need to make sure that rolled spindle front has been for more than 0.6 MAP of dry gas, oil pollution prevention into the spindle. 3, machine tools equipped with replacement of a spindle coolant water cooling machine, check whether the water temperature is set between 24 to 28 degrees. Water-cooled machine work whether normal operation. 4, check the oil pump cups of liquid level, oil level keep about two-thirds of the oil cup.

4, 1, clean the knife knife library maintenance claw (set) chip and other sundry. 2 check knife library door launch/closing smoothly and, when necessary, add lubricating oil to the slide.

5, 1, check the accuracy of machine tool maintenance level of machine tools, precision level to place in the table the central position, moving workbench to the central position, check and adjust the static level within 0.02 mm. Check and adjust the dynamic moving workbench level within 0.04 mm. 2, use marble set square, dial gauge tools such as check the geometry precision machine tools.

Sixth, other 1, check the oil, gas, water and other pipe whether aging damage, etc., replace if necessary. 2, test air pressure device, pneumatic drying device is working correctly, water filter function is normal, please change in time when necessary, the air into the machine to dry and clean. 3, due to long time to turn it off during the Chinese New Year, when it is necessary in advance battery replacement driver. To prevent the machine zero point loss. 4, check whether the workshop power cable is damaged, loose, etc., before the holiday to close all the power, prevent leakage short circuit, etc. Safety accidents. 5, during the holidays, workshop rat, rodents can not be ignored, the bare cable bitten by mice against breakage, years later, should first check before starting any damaged cable, etc., pay attention to the personal and the safety of electrical components. If you don't maintain may appear precision is not necessary to restore the oh!

Feng xin CNC: I wish you have a healthy and peaceful New Year! In the New Year the business is thriving, source of money widely enter! If you are not perfect and have better advice welcome to ask to share! Thank you very much!