Numerical control equipment should be how to do daily maintenance?

Numerical control equipment daily maintenance methods: in the daily management of numerical control equipment, preventive maintenance is a very important and positive work. As the name suggests, the so-called preventive maintenance is to pay attention to the possible cause equipment failure and the failure factors is difficult to solve after elimination before failure, as far as possible to reduce or delay the breakdown of nc equipment.

1. The correct use of equipment: proper use of numerical control equipment is the key to reduce the equipment failure and prolong service life, it occupies very important position in the preventive maintenance. According to statistics, about one-third of the fault are man-made, and general maintenance (pours oil, cleaning, inspection, etc.) was conducted by the operator, the solution is: emphasis on equipment management, use and maintenance of consciousness, strengthen the business, technical training, improve the quality of operation personnel and make them know the performance of the nc machine tool as soon as possible, strictly carry out operation procedures and equipment maintenance procedures, ensure the equipment running in proper working condition.

2. The operator daily check: the operator is the direct user of numerical control equipment, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the numerical control equipment, require CNC operators should perform the following: every day to check all the protective plate, cover and door operation whether appropriate, step by step in the whole trip each axis, observe whether smooth operation and to ensure that all limit switch shaft work properly and adjust to the corresponding limit position, check the guide for scratches or signs of excessive wear, inspection guide cleaner is not damaged, touch guide check proper lubrication.

3. The Tours of inspection equipment: according to the numerical control equipment advanced, the characteristics of high complexity and intelligent makes it maintenance, maintenance is more than the ordinary equipment complex and demanding. Maintenance personnel should through the regular inspection tour, such as the fan operation of CNC system, cabinets, electrical heating, whether there is abnormal sound or smell, pressure gauge indicates whether is normal, the pipeline leaks, lubrication condition and joint are in good condition and so on, completes the failure and accident prevention, if discover the abnormal should be resolved in a timely manner, to do so is likely to wipe out fault in a fledgling state, which can decrease the loss of all can be avoided.