In the process of nc machine tool non-standard equipment parts processing some problems and Suggestions

Numerical control machine tool processing non-standard equipment parts in machining process, often appear stick knife, knife, cutting knife, chew injury caused by titanium alloy parts, lead to very poor or scrap titanium alloy parts. In order to solve the problem of this kind of product, from the characteristics of the titanium alloy material, mechanical processing and machining characteristics, the selection of tool materials, milling processing features, coolant, etc were analyzed, and an especially qualified rate to improve titanium alloy parts is very good control parts of the quality of products. Characteristics of machining titanium alloy materials in order to better control the quality of the products, non-standard equipment parts processing must first be good control of the cutting parameters, understand and master the material processing characteristics.

Air bearing spindle also has good dynamic characteristics, long life, do not produce precision vibration, rigid/load measuring tool have values to match with the conditions of use, etc. But in such aspects as spindle rigidity, calorific value and maintenance need to do meticulous work. To achieve nanoscale rotation accuracy of air bearing spindle, in addition to the air bearing shaft and shaft sleeve shape accuracy is 0.15 ~ 0.15 mu m, then through the air membrane are into used to implement, also need to keep for the uniformity of stomatal outflow of gas. Welding parts processing precision for stomatal number, distribution, Angle of axis, bearings of convex concave, cylindricity and surface roughness is different, all can affect the bearing surface uniformity of air flow. And airflow uneven is the direct cause of tiny vibration, thus affecting the rotation accuracy. To improve the condition of gas supply system, bearing materials appropriate chooses porous materials.

Nc machine tool non-standard equipment parts processing becomes more and more widely used to promote the cutting technology development, with emphasis on the efficient turning titanium alloy. For frequent machining titanium alloy parts (especially the expensive large aerospace components) of the workshop, a 50% increase in productivity is worth their investment to buy special tool holder and install the high pressure cooling system of machine tools. In order to reduce the cutting temperature, reduce the resulting crater wear and eventually be able to use high feed rate and prolong the tool life; Is the use of a special form of high pressure cooling fluid. The cooling fluid not only has high pressure, and present a very precise laminar flow injection form, can be in front of the chip and the blade knife surface formed between water wedge, to hold a chip minimize its contact with the former on the surface of the knife, to avoid to produce crater wear.